RFline was established in 2009.  Main area of activity is RF and microwave area including - trade, R&D, consultancy


We offer:

- R&D concerned on microwave and RF antennas and other passive circuits like power dividers, filters, multiplexers etc.. We work from conception to final product supporting also manufacturing.

- our experience enabled us to create products that allowed our customers to rise their competitiveness in quality and costs aspects.

- we introduce companies to Polish and Baltic States markets

- we have our own solutions like dualy polarized antenna feeder with very high isolation between polarizations (I>40 dB) working in 5.X GHz band or omnidirectional antenna for 5GHz 10 dB Gain with 3deg squint of main beam in elevation for better  coverage  or bushings for coaxial cables

-we are distributing connectors, adapters, coaxial cables, attenuators, power dividers, terminations and other passive circuits as agent of Jyebao